Hello World!

Hello World!  Muse Paintbar is open for business.  You have no idea how happy it makes me to say that.

While you’re here, please allow me a minute to explain how our business works.  Most people can guess that a “paintbar” is a place to paint while also consuming delicious beverages and bites.  This is indeed correct!  But there are several ways that you can enjoy Muse.  I’ll list the most typical ways here:

1. Regular Sessions: We have many scheduled classes each month that are open to the public.  Any group size can book (individuals, couples, or large groups) as long as there is room left in the class.  If the online system allows you to book, there is still room left.  All of these classes are family friendly; you just have to be over 21 to order alcohol (but not to have fun!).  Muse provides all art supplies, along with aprons to protect your clothing.  And no prior art experience is needed!  Our artists will walk you through the painting stroke-by-stroke.  Classes are typically $35 and you can see the full schedule (and book seats) at our event calendar here.

Standard Occasions:  Date night; Birthday; Family Outing; Girls’ Night; An excuse to drink and paint!

2. Private Parties: These function like a Regular Session, but they are for a private group of 5+ people.  Muse works with the event planners to pick a date, time, and painting.  Muse can also coordinate catering if the group wants more extensive food options than what is typically offered.  Private parties start at $25 a person for large groups.

Standard Occasions:  Birthday Party; Work Event; Holiday Party; Bachelorette Party; Fundraiser

3. Kids’ Events: Very similar to the private parties, but for kids!  Of course, we put the alcohol away and bring out the juice, water, and kids menu.  We have several paintings that are good for kids’ events, and all of Muse’s artists have worked extensively with kids.  Kids’ parties start at $25 a person for large parties.

Standard Occasions:  Birthday Party; School Event

4. Fundraisers: Like a private party, but Muse will do these in conjunction with a local charity and donate the majority of proceeds to the organization.  Muse will work with the organization to set ticket prices, market the event, and coordinate on any other activities desired by the group.

5. Family Days: Typically on Sunday afternoons, these events are more focused on families that want to come as a group.  We will still sell alcoholic beverages (we know the parents want them!), but we will tend to paint something more conducive to kids.

6. Free Paint: We will also have times when our artists will be in the store and customers can come in to paint whatever they want.  They can choose something in our paint library or simply bring in a picture or an idea.  We will begin to schedule more of these sessions as we become more established.  If you have a group and are interested in this, please let us know with an email (hello@musepaintbar.com) or call (603-421-6500).

We’ve worked hard to build Muse into a place we’re proud of and that our guests will enjoy.  We welcome you to come check it out!  And we promise – it is a stress-free, judgment-free environment that anyone will enjoy—not just those with artistic talent or experience!

-Vanessa (Co-Founder and Lead Artist)

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